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I am a parent of three wonderful kids.  

My eldest daughter is in Grade 6. Her Character Power is her Competitiveness.  

My son is in Grade 4 and I'd say his Character Power is his Athleticism.

My youngest daughter is in Grade 2.  She's funny!  She's Wit & Humour.  

In addition to being a parent and husband, I am also a teacher. I've taught Grade 2, 3, and 4 for over 10 years in the public and private school system in Toronto, Canada.

I'm lucky. I love what I do!  

My philosophy of teaching is "Joyful" education.  Students need to be happy, confident, and kind to be successful inside and outside the classroom.  My core belief about education is that kids need grit, determination, perseverance, and empathy...to name a few Character Powers. 

I began creating the Character Powers brand & product because I wanted to show my own kids and students that if you take on a Growth-Mindset, you really can learn to do anything you want. 

The most authentic teachable moments that I've had in my teaching career have always been related to character development.  The more I taught character, the deeper I went into it, the more passionate I became about its' importance.  

The most special parts of my teaching day have always been watching and listening to students appreciate themselves and others for their positive personal qualities.  

Appreciating those Character Powers in yourself and others is so important.

Through my own experiences at home and in the classroom, collaborating with colleagues and parents, I've learned about student reading interests and habits.  

The struggle to engage some kids in reading is real!         

I picked 22 inspirational people for the first Character Powers box.  I know there is more to do, more people to feature, and more categories to cover.  That's what lies ahead. It's exciting.   

Our mission is to create a community of people appreciating themselves and others for their Character Powers.

Share your stories, share your experiences, but most importantly, share your appreciation for yourself and others.


Michael Kronick 

Creator & Educator

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