1 Pack of Reading Cards

An educational, meaningful and beautifully illustrated reading tool for kids and adults to appreciate and discover positive personal qualities…their “Character Powers.”

Featuring a collection of 22 visually appealing cards that tell the diverse stories of people who have lived their lives exhibiting strength in character.  Learn about their stories and be inspired by their Character Powers.    

Use the Character Powers definitions card and supporting videos, the personality traits glossary and the student sample card to design and create your own Character Powers cards for yourself and someone you would like to appreciate.   

It’s a perfect in school or at home tool for kids to develop and explore character.

Appreciate who you truly are, and those around you.

  • 1 Instructions Card 
  • 22 Story Cards
  • 1 Definitions Card
  • 1 Character Powers Card
  • 2 Make Your Own Cards 

Created, Written, Illustrated, Designed and Printed in Toronto.

Authentically Canadian!


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